Kamisama Hajimemashita Anime Manga Review

Recently I was on a hunt for a new manga.  I was in the mood to read something, sick of television, but I needed a break from Jane Austen.  Something less involved was in order.  I can’t remember how I found the manga.  Perhaps it was on a recently updated list or within the constraints of a search I did but I found it none the less.  The story begins with Nanao Momozono, a high school aged girl, who recently lost her home when her father disappeared–he was a gambler hiding from debt collectors.  Now I know we’ve heard this setup before.  The bum of a father that leaves his daughter beautiful but humble daughter to fend for herself.  Usually this is where Mr. Tall-dark-and-hansome enters the story and rescues her while teaching her all about love and passion.  Well, this shoujo has a bit of a twist.  The story takes a turn when she rescues a strange man and in return he tells her of a place she can stay.  Did he expect her to stay at this shabby shrine?  It takes a while for you to fully understand why she is there but you soon meet her counterpart, a fox demon turned shrine familiar and she is now the goddess of the shrine.  There are lots of supernatural characters to meet and adventures to be had as she learns her role as deity.

By chance, when I was working on another post, I found this anime as a feature on a site.  (I had to double take, wait a minute I’m reading that)  It was fun to find an anime I didn’t know existed and a new one at that.  Kamisama Hajimemashita was released in 2012 and is complete with 13 edisodes.  The anime artwork style keeps exceedingly close to the manga and it follows most of the storyline as well.  There are some situations that happen out of order but you won’t really care while watching and some of the situations are altered to make it a little more slice-of-life/school related and less fantasy.  Although the series is short it does give you a sense of resolution at the end.  It has a cute love on par with Fruits Basket or InuYasha.  If you enjoy comedy, fantasy, romance manga and anime this is for you and as I read on in the manga it is becoming a bit reverse harem.


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