Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack

If you are anything like me, you have a gazillion pictures of your baby on your cellphone.  In fact, I have taken so many pictures of my baby over the last several months I had to download them to my computer a few times to make room on my cellphone for more pictures.  

I started to notice that I had more cellphone pictures than regular photographs from a digital camera.  On one hand that was great I had at least one photo from every day of the first few days of her life, and if you are a parent as well you know how much your child changes as they grow that first year.  

So, I pondered, what should I do with all of these baby pictures from my cellphone?  They were just sitting on my computer collecting virtual dust.  Ding, ding!  I had an ingenious idea.  I was going to put the pictures into one of those online photobook maker sites (my baby’s great grandmother had purchased us a Groupon for one) and voila.  I’ll have a great looking book of all those pictures which I know I will look at more often than if the pictures remained trapped on my computer.

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack


My big suggestion is to put them in order of date and even place the date of when the photo was taken under the picture so you may see your baby’s progress as he/she grows. 

Check out the results and consider doing this for yourself.  There are always great deals on Goupon or Living Social for the various digital scrapbook sites. 

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack






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