DIY Natural Diaper Cream

DIY Natural Diaper Cream


When I had my first child I was given lots of gifts and samples.  I was determined to try out cloth diapers, but found out you can’t use regular diaper creams on them.  It has to do with the unnatural oils clogging the fibers of the cloth.  I was lucky enough to receive some sample natural diaper creams from a cloth diaper guru friend of mine, The Ecco Chic.  Well, samples have a way of being limited and soon came a time when I needed to get more “natural” diaper cream.  Sure I could have made it ultra easy on myself and bought some pre-packaged cloth diaper approved diaper cream, but it tends to be more expensive than your average over the counter cream.  So needless to say I was determined to do it cheaper.

I couldn’t tell you where I ended up finding the final recipe I use for my DIY Natural Diaper Cream, but I’ve kind of made it my own now anyway.  It is sooooo easy and totally worth it.  You know exactly what is going into your cream and touching your baby’s bottom.  Don’t forget, skin is permeable and any chemicals you put onto your child’s skin can leach into her body and blood stream.


DIY Natural Diaper Cream

While my daughter entertained herself in the pack and play I made a new batch of diaper cream.

About 1/8 cup of bees wax pellets (maybe a bit more but less than 1/4 cup)

1/3 cup organic virgin coconut oil

1/3 cup shea butter

1 tsp vitamin e

You can heat them all up and pour the mixture into a container (to store it in) or pour it into a bowl, place the bowl inside another bowl with an ice bath and blend it with a blender. It gets nice and creamy. If you don’t blend it the mixture has varied consistency but it really doesn’t matter – it all melts on baby’s bottom anyway. I purchased the container at IKEA in a set of four.

If you have a little one try it! It is safe for cloth diapers and doesn’t have questionable chemicals like commercial creams.

DIY Natural Diaper Cream

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