Two New Aime Recommendations

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Two New Aime Recommendations

It has been a terribly long time since I have really sat down and watched some new anime.  I suppose having a baby will do that to you.  But most importantly I honestly haven’t found anything new that I would care to share with you, until this past month or so.

In an effort to save money, my husband and I have decided to ditch cable and use Amazon Fire TV and the huluPLUS app.  Well, with the altered television habits I have been cruising the apps looking for something new to watch and I found two shows I think you may like to check out.  

Hiiro no Kakera:  The Tamayori Princess Saga
The first is Hiiro no Kakera:  The Tamayori Princess Saga.  Okay, first of all you must know if you are my genuine fan that I love anime/animation of all kinds and levels of maturity.  One of my many anime related guilty pleasures is reverse harem.  It’s the girl in me, what can I say?  Hiiro no Kakera is right up there with the reverse harem greats such as Pretear, Fushigi Yugi, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~.  Okay, maybe not that good but it does have a similar tone, and I haven’t found one I like, that I haven’t already watched, in a long time.

The premise is a contemporary high school girl, Tamaki Ugaya, is transferred to a rural community to carry on her grandmother’s role as temple matron—A.K.A. The Tamayori Princess.  (Thus, the subtitle The Tamayori Princess Saga)  As she struggles to learn her powers, she is protected by guardians that have vowed to honor this duty through descendants throughout the ages (just as Tamaki is descended from the original Tamayori Princess).  Well, it took me about three episodes to get into this series, but I began enjoying it quite a bit.  I’m only just beginning season 2, yet I’m interested to see where the story is going since the first season seemed so complete…but is it?

My favorite aspect of this show, which is rather silly, is how at the end of each episode they feature one of the guardians.  In Asian fangirl promo style, he sends you a special message and then a closeup so you two may have an intimate moment.  Too cute.
Guilty Crown
Now if that sounds too girly for you then my second recommendation, Guilty Crown may be more to your taste.  In full disclosure, I’ve only watched a couple of episodes of this one but so far it’s pretty good.  It’s part school life and part mecha anime.  Shuu, your average AV Club kind-of-guy, tries to get through school with minimal effort, easier said than done in this post dystopian Tokyo.  GHQ a pharmaceutical/military organization rules ten years after the pandemic, the “Apocalypse Virus,” is held at bay by their vaccine.  Pubic safety has become an excuse to terrorize innocent people.  A high-tech, organized group of gorilla fighters oppose GHQ’s oppression of the people.  Throw in a beautiful pop idol sympathizer and Shuu becomes reluctantly entrapped in the freedom movement.  I would call this…a mix of Full Metal Panic and Eureka Seven…kind of.  lol  Well, you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean. 

Two New Aime Recommendations

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DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

DIY no-sew headband holder

This DIY No-Sew Headband Holder started with my first child, a daughter (now 15 months), and the newly found problem of  drowning in headbands and barrettes.  I was keeping the barrettes in a cosmetic bag but digging through to find a specific one was getting pretty annoying, and when you are trying to run out of the house with a baby waiting it simply takes too long.  I began looking on Amazon for a solution.  I saw many bulky paper-towel-roll sized headband holders, but I didn’t want something to take up counter space and to clutter up the room.  Voila!  I found a headband holder that hung on the wall, but they were asking way too much for it.  They had to be crazy.  I could totally make that for only a few dollars.  Yes, if you rock the Joann’s fabric and craft stores coupons you literally can do this project for about $6 depending on which materials you buy.  So let’s get started!
tulle tied to plastic ring

tulle wrapped on a ring
You may do this step with ribbon, but I happened to have some tulle left over from another project.  You may hot glue the end of the ribbon to the plastic ring, or tie the end of the tulle to the ring, and wrap it around until the plastic ring is covered completely.  When finished glue the end down, or tie a knot if you are using tulle, and trim the ends.


Fold over and hot glue the end of the 1.5″ ribbon.

DIY ehadband holder

Center the 1″ ribbon on top of the 1.5″ ribbon, fold over and hot glue it to the back of the DIY No-Sew Headband Holder.


This flat section is where you will place the barrettes.  You may make this as long as you wish but I chose to have mine be 20 inches long.


Hot glue the 1″ ribbon to the 1.5″ ribbon at the 20 inch mark.

DIY headband holder ribbon

Take the 1″ ribbon at the 5 inch mark and shift it over to the 4 inch mark (where my finger is).  The extra slack will cause the top ribbon to bump.  Hot glue the top ribbon down.

DIY headband holder

Then place a second strip of glue on top of the same spot then fold over the extra ribbon to create a loop.  That loop is where you will hook your headbands.  Repeat these steps for as many loops as you wish to have.  I had six loops for my project.

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

Now that you know how long your project will be you may cut the end,  fold it over and hot glue it into place.

DIY headband holder hanger

Loop a piece of ribbon through the plastic ring.  I used a thinner scrap of ribbon I had left over from another project I did, but you may use the 1″ ribbon.

diy headband holder

Trim and hot glue this ribbon to the backside at the top of the project.

diy headband holder

This is what it looks like when it is finished.  You could stop here but may have noticed the dimpling where the hot glue is.  Well, I have a solution for that.


To add the silk flower over the spot first cut the head off the stem with a pair of scissors.


The scissors may not cut all the way through the wire.  Wiggle the wire back and forth until it snaps.


Now you are ready to hot glue it in place.

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

I didn’t like how far the flower was off the ribbon, so I ended up pulling it off, removing the green part and gluing it back down…but of course I forgot to take a side view picture.


DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

You can see that the dimple is completely covered and the flower even hides a bit of the ring.  TADA!!!  You are finished with your project…at least the no-sew part.  It is perfectly fine to leave it there, but I wanted to add some pzazz.  I also thought the charms would weigh down the bottom a bit.


You can use any set of charms or a pendant, but I would recommend one(s) with a little weight to them.  I found these at Joann’s in the jewelery section.

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

I simply used an arms length of white thread, knotted it at the end and looped/sewed each charm with twice.  There wasn’t room for all of them to go across so I added two on a thin ribbon I had and then sewed them on the same way.  Okay, now you’re done, really this time if you followed me all the way to the end.  Wasn’t it simple.  I’m so glad I didn’t pay for one and I think these will make great gifts for my daughter’s friends in the future (or even other new mommies of girls).

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

Here are some pictures of my DIY No-Sew Headband Holder in use.  Let me know if you try this DIY out and how well it worked for you.








DIY No-Sew Headband Holder


Moonflower Featured on #FreshBeachBag Giveaway

Moonflower Featured on #FreshBeachBag Giveaway

Moonflower Featured on #FreshBeachBag Giveaway

If you are one of my long time fans you may know how much I love giveaways! I’m lucky to be part of the Fresh Mommy Blog 10 Beach Bag Essentials #FreshBeachBag Giveaway.

You could win some great beach bag essentials, like the Hayden Reis wristlet, Soleil Bamboo sunglasses, a beach spiker, Lifeproof phone case and an autographed book for great beach reading material from author EDC Johnson!

(WOOT WOOT!) How fun is that?! Enter the giveaway here!

Tabitha Blue from Fresh Mommy Blog:  Moonflower Featured on #FreshBeachBag GiveawayTabitha Blue from Fresh Mommy Blog

Moonflower Featured on #FreshBeachBag Giveaway

Read this great post on 10 Beach Bag Essentials.  Moonflower is Featured on the #FreshBeachBag Giveaway, so enter to win at the bottom.  Stick around and check out some of Tabitha Blue’s other posts—you will love the blog too.  It is one of my favorites!  She writes great DIY mommy tips ranging from throwing rocking birthday parties, making your own baby food, to DIY crafts that make your home look on trend.

Moonflower Featured on #FreshBeachBag Giveaway

Handmade Wrapping Paper Art Activity

Handmade Wrapping Paper Art Activity


Summer is in full swing, and you may be looking for things to do with your littlest little.  Sure they can play on the playground, go in a floaty for a swim, or maybe even use crayons to color, but you are searching for a major art activity that your baby could do even at her age.

Well, it so happened that Father’s Day was coming up and ding, ding, I got an idea.  My 14 month old daughter was going to make the wrapping paper for her Daddy’s gift!  Genius right?!  My husband is a pretty sentimental guy so I thought it would be the perfect touch to the heartfelt gift he to receive.


Handmade Wrapping Paper Art Activity

Items you may want for this activity:crayola_tempera_paint
Large butcher paper
Crayola Artista II Washable Liquid Tempera Paint
paper plate
rags (one completely damp for cleanup)
(optional) paintbrush and water cup




I began with taping the butcher paper to the tiled floor.  Do NOT do this over carpet, you will regret that decision in a big way.  If you do not have a tile surface in your home, you may want to do this activity in a cement garage or driveway.


Okay, here is where the fun begins.  I first started by painting my daughter’s foot with the yellow Crayola Artista II Washable Liquid Tempera Paint I received as a sample during an art teacher convention, but soon found that it was overrated, much like her wearing a shirt, and simply stuck her foot into the paint on the paper plate.


I allowed her to run across the paper and stomp her feet that made adorable little footprints.  Soon we got her hands involved.  I pressed her hand from the plate to the paper.  When she saw the effect that placing her hand on the paper had she was all in on this art project.  I no longer had to help her.  She experimented with painting with her hands, mixing the colors and how different hand and feet strokes made different sounds and effects.  She was getting really into it as you can see from the pictures.


Luckily more paint was on the paper than on her, but she wore her fair share.  We only had two rouge, runaway baby incidents.  Here is where that damp rag comes in.  A fully wet, and wrung out, rag can make quick work of little footsteps that veer off the paper.

read_painted_hand DSCF0079

Here comes the art teacher in me.  I highly recommend using yellow first.  It is the lightest/weakest color.  Then follow with using red.  If the yellow is still wet, that is perfectly okay since yellow and red mix to make orange.  (Wait you mean my child is going to learn color mixing during this project?!  Yea!)  And last you may use the blue.  It is the strongest of the three colors and can easily dominate, so it is difficult to go in the reverse order.  The great thing is if your red hasn’t dried yet that’s perfectly fine since red and blue mix to make purple.


Sure you can experiment with different colors though I recommend that you let them dry inbetween, unless you feel comfortable with your understanding of color mixing.  It’s okay to keep a little parental control while making the handmade wrapping paper art activity since we want our child to have a successful art project with a positive relationship with art and color.  I used to warn my littlest artists that we don’t randomly mix a bunch of colors together because they mix to make a “pooh-pooh color”, and we definitely don’t want our art to look like pooh-pooh.  We can always leave random color experimentation for another day…not for wrapping paper you will use on a gift.


After we had used all of our paint up, my daughter face-palmed herself leaving a crimson red hand print over her eye and in her hair.  She was already covered head-to-toe in paint anyway, but that was the clincher, so off to the bath tub we went.  The bath water turned purple.  I think she enjoyed that as well.


Finally, you may be freaking out about my cloth diaper.  Crayola Artista II Washable Liquid Tempera Paint is washable!  Her diaper cleaned up perfectly fine.  There was a tiny spot of blue shadowing that soaked into the lining, but not noticeable unless you knew it was there and examined it up close.  These washable tempera paints do clean up well.  My only caution, through my experience as an art teacher, is to be wary of blue, black, or magenta on white.  They may leave a slight shadowing that you would not wish to have on your favorite blouse.  I have my own pile of “art clothes” and I recommend you do as well so you may feel uninhibited when you play with your child.


Try this activity out with your child.  They don’t have to be your littlest child.  It can be fun with any grade school aged child, you will simply have a varied result with their age and skill level.

Handmade Wrapping Paper Art Activity

Here are some more pictures from our handmade wrapping paper art activity!  Enjoy and let me know how your own ART-venture turns out!

baby_girl_finger_painting   handmade wrapping paper art activity   handmade wrapping paper art activity   handmade wrapping paper art activity   handmade wrapping paper art activity

handmade wrapping paper art activity   handmade wrapping paper art activity

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack

If you are anything like me, you have a gazillion pictures of your baby on your cellphone.  In fact, I have taken so many pictures of my baby over the last several months I had to download them to my computer a few times to make room on my cellphone for more pictures.  

I started to notice that I had more cellphone pictures than regular photographs from a digital camera.  On one hand that was great I had at least one photo from every day of the first few days of her life, and if you are a parent as well you know how much your child changes as they grow that first year.  

So, I pondered, what should I do with all of these baby pictures from my cellphone?  They were just sitting on my computer collecting virtual dust.  Ding, ding!  I had an ingenious idea.  I was going to put the pictures into one of those online photobook maker sites (my baby’s great grandmother had purchased us a Groupon for one) and voila.  I’ll have a great looking book of all those pictures which I know I will look at more often than if the pictures remained trapped on my computer.

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack


My big suggestion is to put them in order of date and even place the date of when the photo was taken under the picture so you may see your baby’s progress as he/she grows. 

Check out the results and consider doing this for yourself.  There are always great deals on Goupon or Living Social for the various digital scrapbook sites. 

Cellphone Baby Picture Mom Hack






Check out our Book Review Blog: Science Fiction and Such

Check out our Book Review Blog:  Science Fiction and Such

I wanted to let all of you know why I haven’t been posting much of anything as of late.  Well, a friend (Liz) and I have been working on launching a book review blog called Science Fiction and Such.  Working as a team we went through a great deal of debate to make it a good meld of our personalities and want for a review blog.  I would love you you to check us out at

We will review most genre of science fiction novels including YA but will stray away from erotica since we believe in keeping a clean as possible platform for our readers and the young adults in their lives.  We hope to touch on other topics such as TV, movies, costuming and more.

Of course you can find more information about us at our website but we would also love for you to LIKE our fan page on facebook at and follow us on twitter

Thank you for your support as I add this new adventure to my plate of many tasks.