Check out our Book Review Blog: Science Fiction and Such

Check out our Book Review Blog:  Science Fiction and Such

I wanted to let all of you know why I haven’t been posting much of anything as of late.  Well, a friend (Liz) and I have been working on launching a book review blog called Science Fiction and Such.  Working as a team we went through a great deal of debate to make it a good meld of our personalities and want for a review blog.  I would love you you to check us out at

We will review most genre of science fiction novels including YA but will stray away from erotica since we believe in keeping a clean as possible platform for our readers and the young adults in their lives.  We hope to touch on other topics such as TV, movies, costuming and more.

Of course you can find more information about us at our website but we would also love for you to LIKE our fan page on facebook at and follow us on twitter

Thank you for your support as I add this new adventure to my plate of many tasks.


Video of Cassandra Clare-Clockwork Princess Book Signing w/ ‘City Of Bones’ Lily Collins As Clary Fray

Check out this fun fan video of the panel at the Cassandra Clare-Clockwork Princess Book Signing w/ ‘City Of Bones’ Lily Collins As Clary Fray.  If you enjoy hearing from the author herself this is worth the watch.

Ender’s Game Trailer, Will it Be a Hit

70 years after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion (

I’m wondering if this film is riding on the coat tales of “After Earth” with Will and Jaden Smith.  I think yes.  It is too coincidental that they have young male leads in outer space but will it do as well in the theaters?  It is going against the new addition to the “Hunger Games” series “Catching Fire”.  It is out several weeks before the other and has a similar yet completely different story line.  Though the adolescent characters are equally placed in life threatening situations “Ender’s Game is way more sci-fi in the sense that it is set in outer space in Star Trek like proportions.  What are your thoughts?  Does it have what it takes to rock your world?