Two Old School Romance Anime Sagas You Have to Watch!

Fushigi Yuugi (TV)

Fushigi Yuugi  anime  Image

This massive series is one of my favorites.  I enjoy it for it’s innocent story plot (it is mostly PG at several points PG-13), the reverse harem, and the lengthiness (65 episodes and it even has OVAs).

The story is  the coming of age adventure of main character Miaka who is not a very studious high school girl.  She daydreams of food when she should be studying.  When she tries to buckle down at the library she finds a rare book “The Universe of Four Gods”.  She is sucked into the book and soon discovers that she is destined to be a of priestess of one of the four gods.  As priestess she must collect her Seven Seishi, her guardians, which become her “revers harem”.  With their combined power she is to call on Suzaku to end the war and famine that plagues the lands.  One of her warriors becomes the love of her life but making their relationship work isn’t going to be easy.

Her friend Yui also falls into the story.  She thinks herself superior to Miaka in every way and becomes her rival.  After all she should be a better priestess as well.  They are sent into a race for the finish to summon their god and bring power to the rule of their respective land.  Will her jealousy destroy everything, including Miaka’s love?

This 90’s anime has all the old school animation, style and plot line that makes it a classic must see romance.


Marmalade Boy

This is another lengthy 90’s romance series with 76 episodes.  If you like Fushigi Yuugi I think you will like this as well.  Once again it centers around the coming of age story of a young girl, who isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, Miki.  Her parents return from a vacation with the shocking news that they will be divorcing and remarrying the opposite partners of another couple.  So both new sets of parents don’t have to be without one of their children they have decided to all live under one roof.  One of their children?!  The other couple has a handsome intelligent son Yuu.  He is utter perfection in Miki’s eyes.  Well, he is utterly perfect except he doesn’t want to give her the time of day.  How can she win him over when so many things go wrong?
If you like old school anime you are going to love this!

Three Great Romance Anime, Manga, Live Action Recommendations

My close friends know I have a passion for anime, manga and live action dramas.  When you find a good series in any of these categories you will most likely find it in another.  I usually find the anime first and when I blow through that I read the manga…and if I’m waiting for a new chapter to come out I will watch the TV drama.  Ok, I’m not going to hide it.  I LOVE cartoons!  The drawing style of these anime and graphic novels are what cartoons/comics should be.  These are must sees and perhaps you will soon understand my utter love for these titles.



Rated: Mature

This title comes in Anime, Manga and two Live Action Japanese Movies (which are a must see if you love the anime)










I love this one! It follows the struggle of a young girl, Nana Komatsu, coming of age.  She has to work through the emotional struggle of getting over an old love, finding new love and deciding between pursuing the “good” man in her life or the bad boy of her dreams.  Through happenstance she meets Nana Osaki an alternative chic, a little rough around the edges, who is pursuing her dream of being a rock goddess.  She struggles with her love of stardom and her lover from the past who went on to make his way in the industry.  Through their adventures the two Nanas  become the best of friends but are they willing to sacrifice everything to have their dreams?


Paradise Kiss

Rated:  Mature

This title is in Anime, Manga and a Live Action Japanese Movie also know as “Paradaisu Kisu”

Paradise Kiss









Yukari, a serious high school student, follows the straight and narrow path her parents have laid before.  That is until she is “discovered” on the street by a fashion student.  She thinks she has stumbled upon the land of the misfits but fall in love with the magic, beauty and passion of their world.  Speaking of passion, she become enamored with the leader, George, of their indie fashion label “Paradise Kiss”.  George is voice overed in the English Dub version by Patrick Seitz who is one of my favorite voice over actors!  To be honest I haven’t seen the movie yet but it is on my list of things to do.


Skip Beat

Rating: Anime may be PG-13 but the manga is definitely Mature

This title is in Anime, Manga and a fairly new Live Action Taiwanese TV Drama called “Extravagant Challenge”

Skip Beat!









Kyoko was utterly devoted to her childhood crush, Shou, and followed him to Tokyo in hopes of helping him reach his dream of being a teen idol.  She cooks, cleans and works three jobs to pay their rent but after over hearing Shou tell his manager that she is nothing more than a maid to him she goes ballistic.  She is determined to get her revenge!  Kyoko manages to enter the biggest competitors talent agency.  She is determined to become the best actress in the industry.  Can she manage to fall in love with acting and capture the heart of her companies lead actor?  Seriously, this is one of the funnest romance comedy series I’ve seen in a while.  The manga continue beyond where the anime and TV series leave off and man it is getting goooood!

Check them out and let me know what you think.  If you’ve seen them comment on your thoughts.  If you like these titles then I am sure you will also enjoy my book.