DIY Natural Diaper Cream

DIY Natural Diaper Cream


When I had my first child I was given lots of gifts and samples.  I was determined to try out cloth diapers, but found out you can’t use regular diaper creams on them.  It has to do with the unnatural oils clogging the fibers of the cloth.  I was lucky enough to receive some sample natural diaper creams from a cloth diaper guru friend of mine, The Ecco Chic.  Well, samples have a way of being limited and soon came a time when I needed to get more “natural” diaper cream.  Sure I could have made it ultra easy on myself and bought some pre-packaged cloth diaper approved diaper cream, but it tends to be more expensive than your average over the counter cream.  So needless to say I was determined to do it cheaper.

I couldn’t tell you where I ended up finding the final recipe I use for my DIY Natural Diaper Cream, but I’ve kind of made it my own now anyway.  It is sooooo easy and totally worth it.  You know exactly what is going into your cream and touching your baby’s bottom.  Don’t forget, skin is permeable and any chemicals you put onto your child’s skin can leach into her body and blood stream.


DIY Natural Diaper Cream

While my daughter entertained herself in the pack and play I made a new batch of diaper cream.

About 1/8 cup of bees wax pellets (maybe a bit more but less than 1/4 cup)

1/3 cup organic virgin coconut oil

1/3 cup shea butter

1 tsp vitamin e

You can heat them all up and pour the mixture into a container (to store it in) or pour it into a bowl, place the bowl inside another bowl with an ice bath and blend it with a blender. It gets nice and creamy. If you don’t blend it the mixture has varied consistency but it really doesn’t matter – it all melts on baby’s bottom anyway. I purchased the container at IKEA in a set of four.

If you have a little one try it! It is safe for cloth diapers and doesn’t have questionable chemicals like commercial creams.

DIY Natural Diaper Cream

DIY Castle for Birthday and Theme Parties

DIY Castle for Birthday and Theme Parties

When asked my two-year-old daughter said she wanted a Castle Party for her birthday.  Not a princess party, which is what I was expecting, she specifically said she wanted a castle.  I passed this by my husband and to my further surprise he suggested we rent a bounce house castle.  This man would do anything for his baby girl.

I was into it.  With our daughter as the only child, I can give her my all and perhaps more than I should(if there is such a thing as a parent).  My husband may say I’m over the top, so needless to say I was all over this castle party like a crazed woman on Pinterest.of upper-class families that have bought their perfect party.  That’s great if you can do that, but forThere are oodles of Princess parties out there, and frankly most of the Pinterest post are the rest of us it takes a little elbow grease and ingenuity.

So now you know the castle bounce house was ordered, and I decided to purchase invitations with a coupon offer I received from tinyprints.  The invites said that all of the guests were invited to our daughter’s castle.  Beside the bounce house being a giant castle, I wanted create a castle-like entrance.  My mind wadered to draw bridges or some kind of “cobblestone” runner.  Pinterest wasn’t much help in my opinion.  I saw towers made of balloons which I had zero interest in assembling.  I reigned in my imagination and voila I created this very doable arched entrance to our castle fortress.

DIY Castle for Birthday and Theme Parties


I taped several cardboard boxes together to make the castle walls.  To make the scalloped edge for the top I measured that end and divided by 5 to give me five equal parts.  Just measure and cut the indent.  I believe I did 4 inches deep.


I taped some cardboard together for the middle arch.  Sorry, no trick here.  I eyeballed it and drew the curve as equal on both sides as I could.  Relax.  It’s not that deep.  You can do it!


I created a stencil by drawing organic rock-looking shapes on a rectangle of cardboard.


I sprayed sparingly, you can always add more but can’t take it back, so the rocks would look dimensional.  Especially darken the edge of the shape so it looks like shadow.


I tackled the arch first to see how it would go.


I turned the stencil 180 degrees so the pattern would be as obviously repeating.  That’s why I used a rectangle shape, so it would be ease to lock the pattern together either way I turned it.


Tada!!!  The castle was complete.  We had a more difficult time getting the stakes into the ground than expected to their was a gap at the bottom of the castle, but the effect was still pretty neat.  I hope you enjoy this DIY Castle for Birthday and Theme Parties and that it inspires you to get crafty for your own kid’s party.

 DIY Castle for Birthday and Theme Parties








DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

DIY no-sew headband holder

This DIY No-Sew Headband Holder started with my first child, a daughter (now 15 months), and the newly found problem of  drowning in headbands and barrettes.  I was keeping the barrettes in a cosmetic bag but digging through to find a specific one was getting pretty annoying, and when you are trying to run out of the house with a baby waiting it simply takes too long.  I began looking on Amazon for a solution.  I saw many bulky paper-towel-roll sized headband holders, but I didn’t want something to take up counter space and to clutter up the room.  Voila!  I found a headband holder that hung on the wall, but they were asking way too much for it.  They had to be crazy.  I could totally make that for only a few dollars.  Yes, if you rock the Joann’s fabric and craft stores coupons you literally can do this project for about $6 depending on which materials you buy.  So let’s get started!
tulle tied to plastic ring

tulle wrapped on a ring
You may do this step with ribbon, but I happened to have some tulle left over from another project.  You may hot glue the end of the ribbon to the plastic ring, or tie the end of the tulle to the ring, and wrap it around until the plastic ring is covered completely.  When finished glue the end down, or tie a knot if you are using tulle, and trim the ends.


Fold over and hot glue the end of the 1.5″ ribbon.

DIY ehadband holder

Center the 1″ ribbon on top of the 1.5″ ribbon, fold over and hot glue it to the back of the DIY No-Sew Headband Holder.


This flat section is where you will place the barrettes.  You may make this as long as you wish but I chose to have mine be 20 inches long.


Hot glue the 1″ ribbon to the 1.5″ ribbon at the 20 inch mark.

DIY headband holder ribbon

Take the 1″ ribbon at the 5 inch mark and shift it over to the 4 inch mark (where my finger is).  The extra slack will cause the top ribbon to bump.  Hot glue the top ribbon down.

DIY headband holder

Then place a second strip of glue on top of the same spot then fold over the extra ribbon to create a loop.  That loop is where you will hook your headbands.  Repeat these steps for as many loops as you wish to have.  I had six loops for my project.

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

Now that you know how long your project will be you may cut the end,  fold it over and hot glue it into place.

DIY headband holder hanger

Loop a piece of ribbon through the plastic ring.  I used a thinner scrap of ribbon I had left over from another project I did, but you may use the 1″ ribbon.

diy headband holder

Trim and hot glue this ribbon to the backside at the top of the project.

diy headband holder

This is what it looks like when it is finished.  You could stop here but may have noticed the dimpling where the hot glue is.  Well, I have a solution for that.


To add the silk flower over the spot first cut the head off the stem with a pair of scissors.


The scissors may not cut all the way through the wire.  Wiggle the wire back and forth until it snaps.


Now you are ready to hot glue it in place.

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

I didn’t like how far the flower was off the ribbon, so I ended up pulling it off, removing the green part and gluing it back down…but of course I forgot to take a side view picture.


DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

You can see that the dimple is completely covered and the flower even hides a bit of the ring.  TADA!!!  You are finished with your project…at least the no-sew part.  It is perfectly fine to leave it there, but I wanted to add some pzazz.  I also thought the charms would weigh down the bottom a bit.


You can use any set of charms or a pendant, but I would recommend one(s) with a little weight to them.  I found these at Joann’s in the jewelery section.

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

I simply used an arms length of white thread, knotted it at the end and looped/sewed each charm with twice.  There wasn’t room for all of them to go across so I added two on a thin ribbon I had and then sewed them on the same way.  Okay, now you’re done, really this time if you followed me all the way to the end.  Wasn’t it simple.  I’m so glad I didn’t pay for one and I think these will make great gifts for my daughter’s friends in the future (or even other new mommies of girls).

DIY No-Sew Headband Holder

Here are some pictures of my DIY No-Sew Headband Holder in use.  Let me know if you try this DIY out and how well it worked for you.








DIY No-Sew Headband Holder