Cloud Dough Toddler Activity



Cloud Dough Toddler Activity

So if you are anything like me you may just be desperate to find activities that your toddler can do without ingesting something toxic, choking, and will manage to keep her attention for longer than 5 minutes.  Yeah, good luck.

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Well I went on the hunt for various activities and honestly I couldn’t tell you who to credit because I found this idea on several pages, Cloud Dough.  Cloud Dough can be made nontoxic, 100% organic if you would like.  It is as safe as it can be.  Your baby can eat this stuff, and chances are she will try at least once, and be completely unharmed.  To top it off this is a great example of sensory play that little developing minds need to grow.

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You can use as little as two ingredients, or rock this DIY like a boss and make it scented with only one more ingredient.  So EASY!



Cloud Dough Ingredients



Artificial Drink Mix (Optional)

*If you use all organic ingredients then, hey, it’s organic Cloud Dough


I wanted to make a small batch so I used what I had found to be the easiest recipe 8:1 ratio and cut it in half.  I did 4 cups of flour to 1/2 cup of olive oil. 

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Mix in the oil, I just used my hands, until it has the proper consistency.  I discovered I needed to add a bit extra.  You don’t want it wet, but you don’t want it too dry either.  The best way to test it is to get your hands in there and try it out.  If you take a handful of the dough and squeeze it should hold its shape, but if you poke it with your finger it should crumble again.

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Now if you want to make it scented then you should NOT use olive oil.  You will want to use an unscented oil such as grape seed oil or sunflower.  There are others but these are probably the top two I would recommend.  Now add a drink mix packet such as koolaid or other generic drink mix.  I tried both.  The generic worked just as well and I also wanted to use it since it is unsweetened.  I totally recommend using UNSWEETENED drink mix.  I believe it will be a lot less likely to attract bugs if you want to save the Cloud Dough Toddler Activity for another day.  And trust me, you will totally want to save it. 

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Here are some pics of my daughter enjoying the Cloud Dough Toddler Activity at around 12 months.  The bonus feature of this activity was that our 75 pound lab who is frightened of the new little person running around the house joined the fun.  This intoxicating scent was to tempting to resist.  I think it was a real social break through for my two girls. 😉  If you like this Toddler Activity you may also like my Handmade Wrapping Paper Tutorial.

Cloud Dough Toddler Activity   

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